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Conception of Bar “Greenwood”

Actually the bar Greenwood has come into the world of bars accidentally by looking for its special and unique niche, which would draw the attention and attract fastidious inhabitants of Riga and its guests. Thereby instead of copying other bars, Greenwood has managed to develop its own style and has created a specific atmosphere.

The meaning of the name „Greenwood” in Latvian can be explained with one word -„wood” and actually it is the beginning of the whole story. In reality bar experts are a little bit „nonsense talkers” and because weekends in Greenwood usually transforms into wild fairy tales. Wall paintings made by freethinkers display shape of wood; you can also find there figures of trolls, imitations of flowers and trees, stylized depictions of feasible animals. All that and many, many more you can find in Greenwood’s interior. Interpretation of lightening is solved with umbrellas with bulbs which remind bunch of berries; pillows all around look like people in meadow, also colourful chairs and soft sofas are integral part of Greenwood.

Bar companions and devotees are mostly free in their thinking; you can meet there artists, musicians, students, actually everyone who in everyday life is flexible in their conception and free from any prejudice. They just want to get more emotions or simply have a rest from everyday’s life. And which is also important - they don’t care of sterility of their soles of shoes at all.

Music of rock parties is always found in Greenwood record player. Owners of green bar want to make all their visitors dancing and give them rest from everyday life. A special corner with table games, a huge bar table, pile of magazines – all that you can find in Greenwood. In weekends different bands are playing live music by changing the atmosphere of bar into enthusiastic noising crowd and creating the impression that green walls are completely compressed together.

The slogan of Greenwood is “Come outside!” step into a new world, which is different and free from any prejudice. The city comes into the wood and the wood comes into our minds.

Riga, Krāmu street 3

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